I would like to support the Royal Brompton Charity as I know how hard this hospital works to save lives, the dedication and caring staff in this Hospital are second to none. I am proud to work for the Royal Brompton and currently work in the Adult Intensive Care Unit with an amazing team. I would like to raise the money for the hospital in memory of dear friends of mine who have passed away, two recently, my best friend, Sophie's Mum and Dad, Paula and Brian both a week apart in January 2021 of Covid. Brian had underlying COPD and was under the care of Royal Brompton Hospital with whom he was very grateful to them for giving him the chance to undergo tests to be put on a trial. Sadly Brian did not pass the criteria testing for the trial but it gave him some hope and he was very grateful of the chance at least. He understood the risks outweighed him being able to be a candidate for the trial.

Also, in memory of my dear friend Sonya, who lost her life in her early 40s, to genetic cardiomyopathy disease (a disease of the heart muscle).

These friends were loved dearly and are very much missed by all their family and friends. Claudine Farrugia