As Charlotte reaches closer to her target of £200,000 in Ruben’s memory – now only £40,000 away!  Real Estate wanted to support this further by running a charity Christmas Raffle! 

We have begged, loitered, and negotiated with the partners to stump up some amazing prizes, and now we are asking for you to dig deep and help us raise a great Christmas donation. You will be at a fun, and all paid for evening, celebrating the hard work you have done this year, so please think about what you can give, and look at what you may win!

Ruben's Fund is raising money to enable the team at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital to set up a dedicated research project, which will provide valuable knowledge into genetic cardiomyopathy, which effects 1 in 100,000 babies, to better treat and manage this condition. The charity are now in a position to start the project, and are recruiting nurses to the project to aid their bedside research of children currently on the ward suffering cardiomyopathy, who don’t currently have the privilege of a long and carefree life. 

Please give generously and remember to add your full name when making your donation to ensure you are entered into the prize draw (anonymous donations will not be added to the prize draw, but will be gratefully received).

Pietro Tiberio