Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals have each meant so much to people around me, so I want to raise some money for them to say thank you. Harefield have performed two life-saving heart surgeries on Ami's mum, most recently in 2016, always giving the most amazing care. Royal Brompton provided similar treatment for a friend of mine and Ami's, Megan, throughout her life.

Almost a year ago now, so many people in our town were hit with the devastating news that, following more amazing care from Royal Brompton, Meg so sadly passed away due to further complications. Royal Brompton had given the care that allowed Meg to live the most amazing life she could. To say thank you for all they’ve done, Ami and I will be running the Royal Parks half marathon in October to raise more for the two hospitals, and we would be so grateful for anything you can give towards our goal.
Andre Clarke