In July 2017, my life was derailed in an instant when I was diagnosed with a total heart failure (viral induced Cardiomyopathy). Basically, a virus attacked my heart and caused it to fail.
I went from diagnosis to needing urgent heart transplant.
While I was waiting for an organ to become available, my condition deteriorated and in order to save my life, I had a Left Ventricular Assist Device (L-VAD) (artificial heart) implant on 22nd November 2017. I spent a month in intensive care and was discharged from hospital on 17th January 2018 having spent a total of 7 months in hospital.

I continued to receive specialist care and treatment from Harefield Hospital Transplant Team (one of the best in Europe).

Following a frantic effort by my medical team to treat me for an infection in my L-VAD, multiple strokes, bleeding in my brain and blood clot in my brain; it was discovered that my natural heart had miraculously recovered!!!
I was in hospital from January to April 2019 during which an unsuccessful attempt was made to explant my L-VAD due to severe internal bleeding from my lungs. The team worked extra hard to save my life. I was in intensive care for 3 weeks.

Thankfully, on 31 July 2019, I had a successful operation to remove my artificial heart (L-VAD explantation). My natural heart is pumping great! I am very grateful and give God all the glory!!

Please help me support the hospital that saved my life. Please donate to Harefield Hospital Transplant programme in order to save more lives.

Edna & Bull Ifeagwu/Menakaya