Harefield Fun Run & Family Day 2019 is in aid of our Transforming Your Care Appeal

Transforming Your Care is raising £200,000 to help implement a new electronic observation system to provide to transform the way we deliver care at our hospitals. 

What does this mean for our patients?

  1. Standardisation of the assessment and response process - Care plans can be communicated quickly and easily across both sites.
  2. Care at the right place and the right time - Automated alerts will ensure patients are seen to as soon as intervention is needed, by the appropriate clinician.
  3. Automated accuracy and calculations of the vital signs of a patient - Digital observations can help nurses calculate scores more promptly – resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Tasmin Fernandes - Sister, Victoria Ward explains:

"The digital platform will allow nursing staff to spend more time with their patients, with even more focus on patient care.

The automated escalation means we can concentrate less on numbers and more on the patient and provide immediate care when needed."

For more information about the Appeal, please click here.