When dad sent an email to the family saying he wanted to support his Highgrove Cardiac Gym Group by putting his name down as a team entrant for the 38th Harefield Fun Run and did anyone want to join him, we knew we wouldn’t say no. Of course, Dad realised that he wouldn’t be running the 5k, or optional 10k, route but walking. That’s when Graham and I decided to join him and so “Lionel’s Luvvies” evolved.
Our team 10k runners are Jo Williams, David Williams, Erin Bremner, Harriet Williams and Chris Berner and our sedate 5/10k walkers are Lionel “Dad” Williams, Graham Edwards, and Sue “Me” Worker.
We have turned Dad’s new challenge into a Fundraiser in support of Harefield Hospital for all the amazing work they do. It’s our way of saying a big thank you for the excellent care provided when Dad, Phil and Graham underwent varying forms of heart surgery.
Please join us in giving support to this valuable service.

Sue Worker