Three friends had life saving operations now doing a sponsored walk together a year on. Along with friends and family. They include,
Darren Rice
Jake Mitha
Jadine Rice
Jade Orozco
Heather Tennant
Tracey Claydon
Paul Claydon
Logan Norman
Danni Daughter Ruby Claydon-Page
Shannon Lord
Mary Hicks

A bit about the Transplant Angels

Amy 14-06-2018
Demi 29-07-2018
Danni 27-12-2018

We all recieved life saving double lung transplants just months apart from each other being there for one another through it all.
Without Harefield god knows where we would be now. Harefield does the remarkable task of giving people a second chance. A chance to live longer to live a life we didnt think was possible.
Though it has been a long recovering road we all made it through yes with some ups and downs along the way but we have come out the other side.

We all had end stage cystic fibrosis, spent the majority of the past few years im hospital feeling rubbish. But now we can all breathe on our own no oxygen or Bi-paps needed. All had our feeding tubes removed as now we can gain weight without the help of over Night feeds. We are all now finding ourselfs figuring out what it is we want to do with our lives where we want to travel to
Without the amazing care from Harefield hospital this would not be a possibility. So us doing this walk is showing our love and thanks to everyone there helping Them to gain better equipment to save more lifes
Amy gets to be a Sister Aunt girlfriend and friend longer
Danni gets to be a mum to her beautiful daughter longer
Demi gets to enjoy being a Sister a Aunt
We all get to enjoy life that bit longer

Can you spare even £1.00 anything helps this amazing hospital.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amy Mitha