If you would like to make a donation for David Edwards we are asking for them to go to Harefield Hospital, in particular towards the Healing Garden Appeal. David spent the last few hours of his life at Harefield Hospital, both in the High Dependency Unit and ICU and the care that they showed to him was exceptional. Following his death the staff at the hospital continued to treat the family with such kindness and we feel this would be a really valuable charity to raise money for.
Harefield hospital is a specialist heart and lung hospital in Hillingdon and is one of the world's largest and most experienced centres for heart and lung transplants. They also have a dedicated heart attack centre dealing with cardiac emergencies. The Harefield charity works to fund innovative treatment, equipment and research at the Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, that fall outside of NHS funding. They also work hard to raise money for projects to support the lives and wellbeing of patients and families.

We would like the donations to go towards the Healing Garden Appeal as they are raising money for the upkeep of the gardens at Harefield hospital. The 2 gardens are open and accessible to patients, visitors and staff at the hospital site to allow patients access to fresh air and a sense or normality and also for visitors to allow them some time to reflect while their loved ones are in hospital. More information can be found here https://www.rbhcharity.org/Appeal/harefield-garden-appeal

David loved his garden at home and we feel that this is a very fitting legacy for him. Although his time at Harefield was very short we cannot thank the staff enough for the way they treated us all. Katie Wood