When Harefield offered my wife a second chance of life by giving her a lung transplant it reminded us of just how precious time is, 28TH April we would normally go out and celebrate my birthday but in 2010 that would be a birthday I would never forget as this was the day Marion received her new pair of lungs from that year on we celebrated our birthdays together as this was Marion’s re birthday that second chance to watch her grandchildren flourish and grow as well as her own children thrive. We were able to enjoy life once more go on holidays together and just a walk up the road with her precious dog Carby was never taken for granted again.

Sadly August 16TH 2021 Marion passed away from Covid after spending 17 days in hospital. Marion always wanted to show her appreciation in some way to Harefield and actually took part in the fun run in 2010 just 5 short months after transplant but always wanted to do more but it just never quite fell at the right time and now sadly it’s too late.

The fundraising however has not stopped just 2 days after Marion’s funeral our daughter Kayleigh took part in the skydive for Harefield raising almost £1000, now it’s my turn to do my bit and raise as much as I can for this wonderful Hospital Gary Frith