Hi everyone

I'm taking part in the Royal Brompton 'Hearts Vs Lungs ... Around the World in 30 Days Mission' from 4th September to 3rd October.

Unlike Phileas Fogg, the two teams will be walking, biking or doing anything else under our own steam ... counting every mile to circumnavigate the globe.

You can follow the mission here


This Mission is to raise much needed funds to buy a Next Generation Sequencer.

This will enable those with inherited heart or lung conditions to be screened and diagnosed far sooner ... receiving timely preventative treatment.

Harefield Hospital brilliantly restored my life with a double bypass and aortic valve replacement in 2019.

This is but one way of my saying 'thank you' to Royal Brompton and Harefield for enabling me to enjoy a much happier life.

I hope that together we can help 'be the difference' and get that life-changing technology for our NHS.

Thank you kindly Charlie Churchill