I ran my first marathon abroad in Paris 1988 for The Royal Brompton's CORDA heart scanner appeal. Little did I realise then that I would need the services of the Brompton in 2012 for a life saving double heart bypass. I am also grateful for what The Royal Bromton and Harefield NHS Trust has done for my mother and continues to do for my granddaughter- now 16 years of age.
Recently I have been elected a Patient Governor of the Trust representing Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.
I qualified automatically for this Marathon by a good for age performance in the 2016 London Marathon
This will be my 57th Marathon - my first was London 1984- I have ran for several charities over the years ranging from a children's hospice- cancer research- disability etc
A cheap download and free sample of my book " Marathon Adventures Across Europe and Beyond - Thirty Years of Running Pain and Pleasure" is available from Amazon Books
As has always been the case with my charity runs every penny raised will go direct to The Royal Brompton
Thank You for your support

Sean OReilly