Adele suffered an acute episodes of brittle asthma, a condition that she didn't know she had, which resulted in her being in a critical condition on a ventilator in ICU in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. She was then transfered to the Royal Brompton where she was put on the ECMO machine.

We don't know what we would have done if it was not for that machine, it saved her life. We intend to raise as much as possible to help buy ECMO equipment and for the AICU to show our gratitude to the hospital and it's outstanding staff.

We were the lucky ones who are able to continue to make amazing memories with a woman we love, others aren't as fortunate.

The hospital that went above and beyond to ensure we were able to bring Adele Kelland home in March! Adele had her first follow up appointment at the Brompton in May and the team are very pleased with her recovery.

Michael Williams