This February I will be walking with my six year old daughter for 4 miles of a 10 mile charity walk. This will be a stretch for her little legs, but something she is up for the challenge. She will be walking alongside, Ruben's surviving brother, and another friend. You may want to wish us luck, walking with three 6 year olds!!

This time of year isn't the most optimal for walking with little ones, as you can imagine there will be welly boots stuck in muddy puddles, soaked trousers, and numb fingers! But we are all up for the challenge.

Why are we doing it?

On NYE 2021 my school friend, and partner rushed their 3 month old baby to hospital, and suffered the devastating news that he had gone into cardiac arrest. They were meant to be celebrating with family, but instead they had to leave their other son behind, and have their hope managed to possibly not bringing their other son home. After twelve more days of fighting, Ruben, passed away on 12 January in their arms.

As you can imagine, this time of year is very hard for them as a family, and we want to show our support, by helping them fundraise and get closer to their target of £200,000, which currently stands at £164,000, raised in 21 months!

Your money will be going towards a research project they are helping to fund, which will allow the specialist research team at Royal Brompton to set up a focused and dedicated project to research genetic diagnosis, which can help predict disease course, open avenues for personalised treatment, and have implications for family screening.

How can you help?

With your help, we are hoping you might be able to donate to our fundraiser and help Charlotte move closer to £200,000. All donations welcome, big or small, and Melia is hoping for £1 for each mile walked, which in fairness, I think is a good starting point. I want her to see how she can make a difference in this world, and do something amazing on her half term!

Thanks for your support.
Jo & Melia xx Jo Edwards