My beloved father Geoff Crawley died August 2018 in Harefield Hospital. I was so grateful that he was able to meet his much longed for granddaughter Lyra before he died and I do have photos of him holding her.

That month he spent in Harefield was over the hottest summer we have had for a long time, Lyra was obviously not allowed on the ward, so I got to know the benches on the hospital grounds well, following the shade to breastfeed. So when I found out they were fundraising for a healing garden I wanted to raise some money for it - in particular a bench for sitting, thinking and breastfeeding on.

Instead of presents for my birthday, I have asked if people would kindly donate money they were thinking of spending towards this appeal.

For those of you doing the GVH pub run this year, Vince has kindly agreed that this can be the chosen charity. Dad was always a huge supporter of my running, and I lost count of the events he drove me to as a child or that he stood in the cold for. As a non-runner himself he thought I was slightly bonkers, but he did always love hearing about our exploits on the Pub Run! Victora Crawley-Wise