Like many others during Covid we clapped in support of the NHS, but we never expected it to define and have such an impact on us last year. In October we found ourselves in ICU with our critically ill 16yr old son before he was transferred out to ICU at Harefield Heart Hospital. Ben had been unwell for several days with an infection which had affected his heart causing him to have heart failure. We were so fortunate to have such a world class hospital made available to us, as the specialist care he received quite literally saved his life. After several difficult and uncertain weeks in hospital and a month recovering at home he thankfully has made a full recovery. Without the NHS supporting us in our time of need, as well as all our friends and family, 2021 could have been very different.

As a passionate cricketer captaining the U16 side at his local club and playing regular adult cricket he was overwhelmed with the support he received when still very unwell. The club rallied round, sent him video messages and dug into their many contacts to send messages from many Surrey County players including their coach Alec Stuart and even as far as getting a message from Sir Alistair Cook. The support was amazing and a massive help on his road to recovery and he owed a lot to his transition into the adult playing sides.

As a thanks to the cricket club Ben organised a charity fundraiser match to help other young players into adult cricket and raise money for Harefield Hospital in thanks for the care he received.

Neil Jones