Running the London marathon has always been on my bucket list, and as I am 40 this year. I wanted to do something big to celebrate this milestone year! Last year I finally pressed the button to enter through work, and a few weeks later got the daunting email that my dream was now a reality!

Let the training begin!

After the initial celebration of having got a place, I then realised I have to start the training and raise the money with only a few months to go. I do not underestimate the hard work I have in front of me, and the commitment I have, and will continue to put in.

Every penny and word of inspiration will help me firstly get to the start line and hopefully all being well get to the finish line! Any donation, no matter how small will all make a difference and help me hit my target.

Thank you for your support! And come along and support on the day too...Sunday 21st April 2024 - my 1st ever Marathon!



I have chosen to run for The Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Charity, as a friend set up a fund after losing her son, Ruben, at three months old. The money will be going towards a research project, which will allow the specialist research team at Royal Brompton to set up a focused and dedicated project to research genetic diagnosis, which can help predict disease course, open avenues for personalised treatment, and have implications for family screening.

They said "If we can help just one baby or child suffering the effects of Cardiomyopathy, by supporting the science to look into this, then this will be our privilege and honour - all in the name of our beautiful baby boy, who impacted so many people in his short life. We know it is a very large number, however, we will take one step at a time to try and get there and if it takes our lifetime, it will be the lifetime that should have been with Ruben."

To date they have raised £165,000, with the overall target being £200,000. Niamh Birkhead