Everyone who knows us knows Johns story so I won’t repeat it again here.
Just to say that the money raised from this event is even more relevant as it goes towards research into genetic conditions like Johns & improving diagnosis for patients & their families.So I’ll be wearing my Large T-shirt (no small sizes left 🤣)adding my miles to those of the rest of Team Heart to see if we can beat Team Lungs ‘Around the world in 30 days’.
A bit of fun to hopefully raise some serious money for this amazing place.
Everyone is struggling these days & especially the NHS. I also understand that people have their own struggles & their own charities so there is no pressure to donate,I just wanted to share(& so I could show off my huuuuge T-shirt🤣)I’ll also be sharing my miles on social media (apologies in advance!)
Thankyou for reading & for any donations 💜💛 Karen Hirst