On 27th December 2014, our Auntie Susan was suddenly taken ill in her local hospital of Cheltenham where she  was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Our family were told to come to her bedside as they did not believe she would survive the night. The Royal Brompton Hospital offer the groundbreaking treatment ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) During ECMO, a machine pumps the patient's blood from a large vein through an artificial lung, which is outside the body (extracorporeal). This artificial lung adds oxygen to the blood and removes waste carbon dioxide. The patient's blood is then returned to their body into another large vein near the heart. 
The team from The Royal Brompton came to Cheltenham and transferred Susan to the London Hospital where she was treated in intensive care for just over a month. The nurses and doctors ensured throughout the whole time she was comfortable and were so informative to the family throughout the entire time which was a huge support to us.

On the 11th April, 4 months later, Susan sadly passed away in her home from cardio respiratory failure.

On the 23rd September we will be jumping out of a plane for the first time at 12,000 feet, where we will free-fall at 120mph, we would love to raise as much money as possible in honor of our Auntie as well as a thank you to all the team at The Royal Brompton, we also hope to support continued treatments such as ECMO that save lives or at least give patients and families more time as it did for us.

Thank you all so much for any support you are able to offer!

Lots of Love and Thanks,

Georgina & Henry x Georgina Riva