It’s the big 40 at the big 40!!,

Harefield Hospital is celebrating its 40th anniversary of the fun run. 40 amazing years raising funds for its life saving treatment and care.

I turned 40 years young earlier this year... there was a thought there that this may not happen,
SO... who’s joining me to take part in Harefield’s big anniversary also.
We are going to pop along and run/jog/walk... crawl even, around either of the course options to show our support.

We would love you all to sign up, along with Team Broadley to become the biggest team taking part.
By signing up you will already have donated towards the cause, however if you can also manage any extra donations from yourself or others, then of course it will be going straight to an amazing place.

The hospital have helped me get through my original lung transplant in 2018, through the ups and downs of covid and also (unfortunately) rejection in 2020.
“I’m still here” thankfully, through no small feet from the staff and my amazing family.

Let’s all help to give back... Philip Broadley