Dad had been travelling up and down the M1, M25 for the past 15 years to Harefield, having had an ICD fitted following irregular heart rhythms. Dad knew all the staff on Acorn & Oak on a first name basis, he was always jolly and loved a bit of 'craic' as we Irish say.

He had been on Oak for many weeks over Easter this year, trying to establish what was going on with his chest pain and trying numerous antibiotics to fight an infection.
The decision was made and Dad was going off for his operation. Friday 6th April. We all wished him Good Luck & God Bless and said see you in a few days, knowing he is normally drowsy on recovery.
Unfortunately Dad went into cardiogenic shock and his poor heart gave up.

We spent the following 8 days at Dad's bedside in HDU , hoping, praying and praying harder. He had a register nurse with him 24 hrs and the care and support was exceptional, showing empathy and understanding to us at all times.

Twenty two Family were with our Beloved Dad on Saturday 14th April, at his bedside for the final Good Bye with Fr. Jim as we gave Dad his final prayers.

On a positive note, Dad had himself undertaken the fun run on two or three previous occasions and it seems so fitting to be here this year and raise money in his memory, he would be very proud of us and there's nothing more than Dad enjoyed was a good together.

Please help us to raise funds for this magnificent NHS service at Harefield hospital. Thank you to all the consultants and staff, and Nurses you know who you are , Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Go Team Shane O'Neill.............................

Anna O’Neill