Most of you will know my history with this hospital, and I'm hoping you will be able to spare a few pounds to help them maintain the wonderful gardens developed for patients.

These gardens provide some calm for those visiting for tests, and the healing power of flowers, trees and birdsong for those that are on ward.

Developed this year, the gardens are funded by donation and looked after by volunteers. I want to help them be maintained and developed for years to come.

Money donated to this page will go towards bulbs and plants to keep the garden in good keep each year, and to provide colour in the early spring months.

There are new areas to develop too, and I'm hoping they can put in a bench in the garden closes to the wards.

Sometimes it's hard to know what impact your donation will have when asked, but I can honestly say, these garden spaces will make a positive difference to many, including the wonderful, hardworking staff. Elizabeth Chambers