TEAM FAITH Caz and her family/friends will be taking part in the Harefield Hospital fun run on the 10th September 2023.
She is an inspiration!!
Let the training begin 🙈🏃‍♀️

On Thursday 6th April at 12.30am - our rock (Caz) became sick with chest pain, sickness and a temperature. An ambulance was quickly called and they arrived within 3 minutes. Mum was taken to Harefield Hospital in which sadly her heart stopped beating. CPR and then a resuscitation was performed and with her strength and the consultants quick thinking - her heart began to beat again after just over 3 minutes. But we know that we did not have our rock for 3 minutes. We never want to sit in that waiting room again.

Mum had a major LAD heart attack and has been given a stent within her main artery. If it wasn’t for the quick arrival of the paramedics and the Harefield team being ready to perform surgery - she wouldn’t now be with us. As a family we were told that it could have been approx 10 mins too late and the survival rate was 6%.
The Harefield team and Acorn ward have been so supportive and kind to not only our mum but also us (Mark, Jamie and Teri-Louise). They have supported us all through the trauma and given us such fantastic explanations about her heart attack. Visiting hours did not exist for us and they held our hands through out the critical one hour procedure. They never once stopped caring and never stopped popping in to ensure that as a family we were ok. Mum has constant support and well-being chats with a range of consultants and nurses and endless amount of hugs and smiles.

We are still on a journey and mum is still recovering from her now damaged heart but with positivity and strength - we know that life will remain for our Caz! She’s a fighter and will remain fighting.
We want to thank Harefield Hospital because they really did save her life (her heart attack was 6% survival rate).

We would like to fundraise and donate money to Harefield for them to develop resources.

We will do this by

Running in the Harefield hospital fun day on the 10th September 2023 with family and friends. We hope that Caz will join and walk some of the course!

Continue to raise awareness of Heart diseases.
Mark will be walking 500,000 steps in 4 weeks (achieved in May 2023)

Teri-Louise will be training and completing the London Marathon on Sunday 21st April 2024. Any support is appreciated and welcomed. Please offer training tips, go out for runs and more importantly meet her at the finish line for plenty of drinks after. 🍾🍾🍾🍾

But please do use this page to visit Harefield Hospitals page as well as ensure you’re all looking after yourselves too.

Mum lives a very healthy life style and so Harefield are currently supporting us in understanding genetics.

Any donations are appreciated xxx OBrien Family (Team Faith)