A small top up can make a big difference for patients

We are excited to partner with the catering team at Royal Brompton Hospital to enable their customers to add a small top up donation to any purchase. The funds raised from these donations will go towards advancing care for heart and lung patients.

Customers can add 25p, or as much as they like, to their bill. Even small donations, when taken together, can have a big impact.

The funds raised will go towards our work with those at the front line of heart and lung care. It will help champion ideas, research and innovation that prevent, diagnose and treat heart and lung conditions. It will help raise funds for projects that create better chances and new possibilities for every patient.

We will never stop working to reduce the burden of heart and lung disease, letting more people live the lives they want to, and with a small top up added to your lunch or a coffee you can be a part of that.