One of the things I enjoy most about my job, and I’m sure many others in the charity sector will agree, is when it comes to the end of an appeal and we can show our donors the results.

It gives them a great feeling, and helps us to let them know that the part they played in the appeal was vital to its completion.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do this once again on Monday, when the Chair and Director of the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust came to visit Harefield Hospital.

The new Intensive Care Unit at Harefield is very close to completion, and is simply breath-taking. The Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust gave us a large donation toward the unit, so it was great to show them what their valuable funding has managed to achieve.

The unit has been fitted with some impressive features that will serve our patients with a high level of care in the long term. There are large, low windows that will let in as much natural light as possible, giving them a much more interesting setting to look at, rather than dim walls and equipment.

New state-of-the-art equipment can also be found in the new development; among them a scanner which not only takes an image in a heartbeat, but also takes an image in that fraction of a moment when the heart rests between each beat. The rooms inside have everything necessary to ensure proper isolation, protecting both the patient in the room and other patients in intensive care.

My favourite feature, however, is the sunshine therapy terrace. The area gives even the most unwell of our patients the chance to go outside so they can enjoy some fresh air, while still being connected to the necessary equipment they need to recover.

Next week, we will be giving a tour of the unit, and I expect there will be many gasps of amazement, coupled with some more emotional reactions. The intensive care team are so proud of the area, which will be taking in new patients in just ten days.

Royal Brompton will also soon be celebrating, with the renovation of the adult intensive care unit having come to its completion. This was a huge, pioneering project, which included months of planning, fundraising and appealing. The new rooms will have special annexes for family and friends to stay close to their loved ones staying in the ward, which have been fitted with sound proofing and special lighting to help them sleep. While the rooms are now built, our fundraising for the project continues. You can still donate by visiting our appeal page.

Both of these projects have relied heavily on charitable support, and we have been incredibly reliant on our wonderful supporters. From the large sums given to us, to even the smallest of donations, everything helps us bring forward these amazing projects. Thank you.