For those of you who know me - and have walked alongside me as I have worked for this Charity for the past months and years - you will know that it has been an amazing journey. I have met people I will never forget and I have witnessed and heard stories that take my breath away. It has been an incredible experience and privilege.

But it is time to move on and on April 9th, I leave to embark on a new adventure. I will write more about my time in this wonderful Charity over the coming weeks before I leave, the breathtaking stories I have heard, the bravery I have witnessed, the generosity from our donors and volunteers which has saved lives and made lives worth living.

I am still here for 10 more weeks so this is just a note because our Trustees, with help from a recruitment agency, are out there looking for my successor so my own life change is now out in the open.

However, I am nowhere near gone yet – not a bit of it. And I am still marvelling at what an amazing year this is turning out to be for the Charity – thanks to you, our donors and, of course, you, our fantastic NHS colleagues.

So, business as usual for several weeks yet. We have still got things to do, people to see, stories to tell.

For instance, I have bought my ticket for our zoom wine tasting on Thursday 25 February – when we can pretend we are walking the vineyards of Spain – please come and join us. The Charity team is as active as ever, finding ways to engage, entertain our supporters and help our two world class hospitals.

And our NHS colleagues are still right in the front line of the pandemic; many are tired, and all just want to see the back of Covid-19. You have worked with us to help in every way you can, and I know that together we have made a difference to the lives of our colleagues and our patients. Thank you for your wonderful support and please stay with us. I will be in touch plenty of times before I go. Donor tours and talks and get togethers may not be possible, but perhaps I can come back to see you when life is more normal.