After many weeks of working from home, I am venturing back into the office and it is exciting and fun to see familiar faces again - social distance rules apply and masks are essential.  I am very careful not to put anyone or myself at risk but seeing people face to face is a joy after so much time.  

But online can be amazing too.  Huge thanks to Mark Bowers for a fascinating presentation during our Lifeline Lab appeal launch, telling our guests about the planned transformation of Cath Lab 5 at Harefield.

Both hospitals are working very hard to treat and care for many patients who have been put on hold during the height of the pandemic.  We hear wonderful feedback from some of the patients who wish to support our Charity because of the care they have received.  Often the recurring phrase is - 'of course my consultant knows me personally' and I know exactly how that feels.  When my elderly uncle was in Royal Brompton and I was terribly worried - it was a very complicated operation, I received a text that evening saying he was calm and sleeping well.  

I am also thinking about the patients who have been very, very ill indeed - the virus may be in the past for them, but they need physiotherapy and other post virus treatment to help them on their journey back to normal life.  We all think about our front-line staff - the PPE and the Intensive Care Units and the trauma, but there are a great many other people who are also part of the treatment, often behind the scenes.  When I clapped on Sunday night - I clapped for them too.  

And talking of clapping, please visit the amazing video on our website of artist Ian Berry's clapping hands, brilliantly projected against Royal Brompton Hospital and how his venture into this new art form was inspired by his young son taking a picture of his clapping hands.  Thank you, Ian - your art is an inspiration.