Let's face it, the weather, and the news are rather gloomy... so, I am on a mission to share with you things which are cheering me up. And number one on my list is looking forward to Virtually Christmas, Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals' Carol Concert on Thursday 17th December at 7:30pm. 

And here, the list can start to get very long. I can almost hear in my head Dame Sian Philips' voice. She has been an amazing actress for many decades and although more people will have seen her on the television, I have seen her on stage and she is electrifying. And that voice... if you have heard it before, you will know what I mean. If you haven't heard it - it will stay with you throughout the festive period.

I am also so touched that Her Royal Highness, Princess Eugenie is a reader at this Carol Concert and I wish I could share with you what she will be reading because I have heard it and it is so Christmassy and sweet. But what is more heart-warming is that Princess Eugenie is doing this because her father-in-law was a patient at Royal Brompton Hospital and despite being very ill, went home after treatment and the Princess just wants to say thank you.

Over the years, via my close friend, Rhonda, I have got to know Lance Ellington - who has been a very regular feature in Strictly Come Dancing. His singing is like double cream - and you just can't fail to smile and feel better.

From smiles to tears - but tears of emotion and pride rather than sadness. For seven years, I have heard our Singing For Breathing choir at our Carol Concerts. These patients have severe lung conditions but they sing with all their strength and it brings the house down! Singing for Breathing not only helps with their breathing but it brings the people in the choir together. If breathing is difficult, it is all too easy to feel isolated, but this choir has become another family, and even though they could not get together this year, they have kept in touch and eased the pain of being shielded for so long.

And I challenge you not to smile as Harefield Primary School perform for us, and you will just have to sing along. 

One last very special part of the Carol Concert is that my Godmother and her sister live in Wales - they are elderly and could not possibly come to London for our Carol Concert in the depths of December - probably with or without the pandemic. But now, they will be joining us to watch and enjoy this Carol Concert and it will be like sitting alongside them in St Luke's Church. And also alongside us, will be the hundreds of patients and their friends and families, who would not have been able to make it to London if we had held the Concert in the Church. Instead they will be safe and snug at home but still able to join this unique and very special event. Will you join me too? Please do ... I will know you are there.