I don’t like to name drop in my blogs, but one of the top Professors here at Royal Brompton has shown me how to use the Health app on my phone (thank you Professor Claire Hogg). I am now obsessed with seeing how many steps I am doing in a day – this fits in perfectly with my taking part in the Fitin15 campaign to celebrate NHS70. Doing this extra walking is much easier in the summer but I am going to find a way to ensure I can do it all year round. So, not only am I supporting Fitin15 and donating £70 to the Charity to say thank you to the NHS, I am going to make it a legacy which continues long after I have met my target.  

Are you part of the Fitin15 campaign? I am really enjoying this and I would love to hear from you if you are taking part too.   


I have also recently enrolled my husband to take part in the Grand Canal Challenge on his rather ancient bike – this will be his third year of taking part and he loves it. He sets off bright and cheery and arrives a little hot but very proud of himself at Harefield some time later, where he, and all the other participants and their supporters can enjoy music, beer, food and a very lovely atmosphere. Will you come and join us

Cyclists will do the whole 26 miles but through some of the most fascinating and iconic landscapes in England, starting with busy London and then going through lush, green suburbs and ending up at the beautiful Harefield estate. Walkers can choose to walk 13 miles or six miles – still a good stretch and well worth getting sponsorship. And new for this year, there’s a toddler’s toddle for those who may not have quite the long legs to do the miles. I hope to see you there.   

And finally, I am thinking every day of the amazing Kate Hedges who has already started her epic voyage from Cape Wrath to Bognor Regis – walking 569 miles over 30 days to raise funds for our Charity and a handful of others. Kate and her husband, Jeff, have already given a big donation to our Catheter Laboratory appeal, called Many More Hearts. And, just as she sets off, our newest – in fact the UK’s newest – operating theatre is gearing up to take its first patients. I am going to be joining Kate for a section of her challenge as they walk through Lancashire. She’s an amazing person – truly fantastic.

Do read about her journey and why she is doing this for the Charity and perhaps give her a few £s to speed her on her way. Called the Bryson Line as the team are walking a route Bill Bryson took to research his book The Road to Little Dribbling. In fact, Bill Bryson will be joining them for some of the sections of the walk.