Jonathan Dimbleby, legendary journalist, interviewer and writer is going to take an online audience on an amazing journey fast forward in time. Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity is thrilled to be hosting this extraordinary discussion, which will be shown at 6pm on Monday 23rd November and you are invited to join us for this free event. 

Already many people have signed up to hear what two remarkable clinicians will say in response to Jonathan's delving into healthcare which will affect us all, but also our children and their children.

Called A Glimpse Into The Future Of Healthcare the event will see Jonathan in conversation with Professor Martin Cowie and Dr Shelley Rahman Haley. Professor Cowie is the lead on digital healthcare for the European Society of Cardiology. He sees a world of possibilities around robotics, remote treatment - science fiction becoming reality. If anyone should know what possibilities could be out there, treating us all in the future, Professor Cowie will.

Dr Rahman Haley is a leading specialist in complex heart conditions especially examining the links between cardiac disease and cancer. She is very excited by the digital and technological opportunities that are gathering momentum - some of them spurred on by Covid-19 - but she is also passionate about the psychology of care, the holding of the hand at a time of bad news, or celebrating with a patient when it is good news.

These two worlds will converge and diverge, collide and disperse. Who better to bring out the stories, the futurology, and the human factor than Jonathan Dimbleby? I do hope you will join me and learn more. And all from the comfort of our own homes. Find out more details or sign up for a free ticket here. Or let us know if you would like to be with us on Monday November 23rd from 6pm so we can send you the details.