So, tomorrow is the big, big day – we are marching in protest to tell NHS England, in the most forthright terms, that they have seriously got it wrong if they think they can close Royal Brompton’s congenital heart services without opposition. Their plan to do this makes absolutely no sense at all – nothing is broken and it will cost millions to change what is a brilliant, world-class service.

But don’t take my word for it – over 1,200 people are joining our march tomorrow to let NHS England know that there are some pretty cross people out there. These are people whose lives have been saved by staff at Royal Brompton, and whose on-going treatment has enabled them to live full lives. Many more thousands of people have sent messages of support to us, so we know tens of thousands think that these NHS plans are outrageous and, frankly, stupid. 

Nothing is broken and it will cost millions to change what is a brilliant, world-class service

There’s plenty more on our website should you wish to read about this ridiculous proposal, on the Foundation Trust’s website and via our patients’ messages on social media

If you are coming tomorrow, fantastic! I look forward to seeing you. We'll have special bright red campaign T-shirts for sale (£5) or you can simply wear anything red you already have to help us create a striking display of solidarity. MPs, Baronesses, Councillors, doctors, nurses, and hundreds and hundreds of patients and their families are joining us. Please meet at 10.30am for an 11am start on Dovehouse Green, next to Kings Road and Dovehouse Street, opposite The Ivy restaurant. The march is 2km – so not long, but we will certainly be noticed and heard as there will be plenty of noise. 

If you can’t come, please look out for lots of social media and share our message as widely as you can using the hash tags #BromptonMarch and #BromptonPatientsMatter, so you can be with us in spirit. 

We have got to defeat this destructive proposal and keep putting our patients first because they matter more than anything else.