As I approach the day when I will leave working with this amazing Charity, I cannot help but think back to the many highlights which have made this job one in a million. One of my favourites is when I was sitting with a senior nurse and a very generous donor and I asked outright if this donor would support a transformation in one of our cath labs in Royal Brompton with a gift and we would be delighted to name it after him. He and his wife said yes straight away and the nurse was so overcome with emotion because she knew just what a difference this would make for our patients.

I am used to experiencing acts of generosity, but my NHS colleague just did not know people like this donor existed – well they do! They come in all shapes and sizes (I mean their donations) but every gift is precious and goes towards saving lives and making lives better.

But I have another very special favourite. I have only met the Newman family, and Joshua in particular, a handful of times, but I feel I am part of their family.

Joshua was born with severe cardiac problems. As a tiny baby, he was rushed to Royal Brompton with his mum Suzy for life saving treatment. As the months passed, Joshua emerged from being very poorly indeed, to being well – just take a look at these pictures.

Joshua has featured in films to talk about the amazing care and treatment our patients receive at Royal Brompton and Harefield. He has received awards, and he and his family joined us for our campaign march to save the paediatric unit at Royal Brompton in 2017. A particular highlight was when I asked Suzy to tell the story about Joshua’s recovery at one of our Carol Concerts, which she did very movingly, but Joshua wanted to be part of it. He was very small then, and he escaped from his grandmother’s lap and crawled up to the podium and joined Suzy… and the microphone! He brought the house down.

Our other key reader on that occasion was the iconic and very special Baroness Betty Boothroyd. She was heard to say that she is very seldom upstaged, but she was delighted to be upstaged by Joshua!

Over the years, Suzy has sent me pictures like these, marking birthdays, holidays and first days at school. Without the skills of the Royal Brompton team, we would not have Joshua with us today. I will take Joshua’s smile with me, and his amazing story as a very happy memory of my time with this Charity.