Today, I have been learning more about what goes on in a cardiac catheter laboratory, and to put even more context around our current Many More Hearts Appeal, I visited the site where works are in progress to transform this vital space, where hundreds of patients undergo non-surgical, life-saving procedures each year. Project Manager, Neeraj Vig, was on hand to show me around. 

The old equipment, which you can see in the picture to the left, is 13 years old – that’s three years older than its normal lifespan.  So, it’s definitely time for that to go. 

Thanks to you and other donors, we have already raised £112k towards a brand new state-of-the-art piece of equipment – the Artis One (pictured below right), which will make the one in the photo look like a dinosaur. 

So why can’t the NHS buy this new piece of kit, you may well ask.  And so do we. Well, most NHS money spent at hospitals goes towards the day-to-day business of running it. It often doesn’t cover ambitions to replace old, outmoded equipment, with brand new technology.  So that is where we – and you – come in with appeals to revolutionise care, not just support the day to day.

Thank you for supporting our Many More Hearts Appeal.  We still have a bit of a way to go, as we are also buying the operating table and the monitors that go with the Artis One, so our total target is £390k. If you can help us, please do – click here to donate or to learn more. 

So, that’s what’s happening at Royal Brompton. What about Harefield? Having completed our 3D Heart Surgery Appeal to buy the Einstein Vision (Dr Toufan Bahrami and his team are very pleased with us!), we are now working up a new campaign to support Harefield in its ambition to undertake even more life-saving heart and lung transplants. News about that will emerge over the next few days, so I will tell you more in my next blog…

Meanwhile, I gather snow is on its way, so keep warm.