It may well be that you have either been in intensive care yourself or have had a loved one who has been in intensive care. I have visited someone in this environment and it makes me anxious, so it must be incredibly frightening for the patient, when indeed they are conscious. 

But of course they are receiving the very best treatment. Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals are often at the forefront of medical care – whether it is through the expertise and skills of the clinicians, buying the very latest equipment or building state-of-the-art facilities. And the latest project at Royal Brompton is no different – except that it is completely different. The Charity is proud to be supporting an extraordinary ambition, virtually unseen elsewhere in the UK. 

Two new rooms are being created in the adult intensive care unit at Royal Brompton – nothing new in that you may think…. except that built in to these two new rooms is a special place – a pod we're calling it – where a loved one can sit, even sleep – being close to the patient but not in the way of all the medical equipment and round-the-clock staff care. The patient can know their daughter, son, parent or spouse is close by, day and night. The pod will be comfortable, obviously completely clean and infection free and separate from the main unit. But the relative will be on hand throughout thanks to innovative design and technology. 

You will hear much more about it over the coming months – and I do hope you will join us on our journey to make it a reality. 

Over to Harefield now, and we are currently planning for a new garden, which will be visible from the new intensive care rooms. Having access to fresh air and wildlife will take some of the pain and anxiety away from being in hospital. And behind the garden there are going to be 12 mature trees, which will change with the seasons bringing colour and movement to the view. Hundreds, if not thousands of you have helped us build this extraordinary place.  We are nearly there and if you would like to know more about how to support us in this final phase, including by buying one of the special trees for £1,000 (to include their long-term care and maintenance), please let us know