It is such a cliché, but truly, there is never a dull day in this job. I meet a wonderful brave cyclist who is going to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats to raise money for our Transforming Your Care Appeal which is going to be a fantastic asset for nurses, doctors, patients and families and friends – please do read all about it here and now turn your attention to the wonderful Johnny Martin Smith who is just about to embark on an epic journey to say thank you to Royal Brompton for saving his son’s life. We will be tracking his progress and wishing him luck as he makes his way on the 874 miles. And if you would like to sponsor him – it will boost him for every mile of that journey – literally up mountains and down into valleys… Only to go back up again. I have to write it….. Go, Johnny, go! 

And with this wonderful weather come thoughts of summer events and our Charity has a host of super events for you to join – please come, and you will be helping our Charity and our hospitals as you do.   

Now – how often can you say this. I went to cheer on an 80-year-old friend, a truly terrific friend. Our lovely Rhonda Davis took life, and slightly dodgy knees and a much worked on heart into an experience on Sunday with Europe's fastest zip line. She and our very own fundraiser, Sallinder Rai, and Dr Will Wallis (yes we did have a doctor with us but he was definitely there as a friend as well as just a little bit in a professional capacity) went to raise funds for the Organ Care System at Harefield Hospital. I travelled to see them with my husband and son and to cheer on their bravery and adventure. 

It's an amazing place. They sped along the wire at a breath-taking rate – this would be pretty challenging for a youngster but for Rhonda, who is determined to defy her age at every opportunity, it was not without its scary moments. We love you Rhonda and thank you to Sal and Will too. It’s a story you almost would not believe it if you hadn’t been there, but here’s the proof. And if you would like to donate to say well done to Rhonda please do take a moment, however much you give will go to help someone who desperately needs it, get a transplant at Harefield Hospital.