Giving to a cause achieves more than just helping that cause. I am reminded of that famous quote from Winston Churchill who was himself a generous donor: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. 

That inspires many people to give - it makes a huge difference to the cause they support, but it also gives pleasure to the donor. Just as giving at Christmas is fun for the person giving the gift as well as the person receiving the gift. When I make a donation, I may not know the person who directly benefits from that gift, but I know that I have made a difference - and that's a good feeling.

So, I now have the opportunity to give and have the extra buzz that my gift will be doubled - double impact. This is because our Charity is taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge. Already our wonderful pledgers have made it possible for us to find a champion who has doubled the pledged donations.

Now it's up to us to make that incredible pot of money doubled again. I will be giving a donation on Tuesday 1st December from midday and it will make me happy to do so. I have saved some money over the past months with not travelling to work so much and not going out. A holiday we had been planning had to be cancelled and a weekend get together with friends didn't happen. So, I know that I can easily give a donation and knowing it will be doubled makes me smile.

Will you join me? Every donation will help us reach our target so our pledger and champion fund can be doubled again.

Here is a message from one of our wonderful and generous Trustees, Helen Putter:

And what will your gift achieve - or rather what will you, yourself, help to achieve?

As I write, the brand new bi plane imaging equipment is being delivered to Royal Brompton. Without the Charity, Cath Lab Two would have continued to operate, of course, but this new piece of equipment is like science fiction itself. Please read more about it here, and listen to my colleagues Lizzie Biggart and David Jones tell you more. They can say so much more than I can.

Please help us - go to this website and support us with a donation which will be doubled and then we will put every pound you raise to buying the bi plane imager at Royal Brompton and not to forget a state-of-the-art scanner for Harefield. Once again, our two world class hospitals will be at the leading edge of technology and patient care thanks to people like you and me.

Thank you.