As summer starts to slip away, our Charity has plenty of ways for you to keep sunny, which I want to share in my blog this week. Our Harefield Fun Run & Family Day has been as popular as ever with hundreds of people booking to come on Sunday 9 September for a full day of fun, running and excitement for all of the family. There will be stalls, food and the very important fun run – with its varying distances of 2k, 5k or, some of our more energetic participants complete the 5k course twice. 

But most of all, it is a lovely family day with lots of people joining us to say thank you for the extraordinary treatment and care they or their loved ones have received from Harefield. This year’s event is kindly sponsored by the Kier Group who has worked with the Foundation Trust on construction projects over many years. Everything raised will go towards our Transplant Appeal. Will I see you there?

Indoors, but still sunny and fun, will be our Great Brompton Bake Off. Staff, family, friends  - and even yours truly will be taking part in this super event which raises funds for our Cystic Fibrosis Appeal to enable people with CF to manage their condition in a way which gives them control and reduces hospital visits. 

Both of these events bring home to me how much our supporters do to help the Charity achieve its goals. The Fun Run is full of families – some in costumes, and some people only just emerging from major treatment but desperate to come and be part of this mini-festival. People wear names on their running gear to say thank you, or in memory, or to celebrate life – or all of these.  It is a very moving day and reinforces our work in the Charity and our passion for wanting to make life better for our patients. 

The Bake Off is, of course, different – but here is another emotional link as staff from all over Royal Brompton – many of whom I have not even met yet – will stay up late the previous evening to bring in cakes and biscuits which look and taste absolutely stunning, all to support our appeals (and maybe a little bit of justified showing off at baking skills too). Our Charity may be small, but our supporters are many and the passion to make the world that little bit better is bigger than all of us.