Every now and again, I am asked ‘why do we need a hospital Charity – surely that is what the NHS is there for?’

The NHS is brilliant, we all know that – it is the envy of the world and we are justifiably proud of the service which provides medical care when we need it. But it isn’t a money tree – and this year more than ever, the demands on the NHS budget are eye watering.

Harefield is a remarkable hospital – the stories and messages we hear from patients, friends and families about the care and treatment for patients are amazing. But in striving to be the very best, the medical teams are always on the lookout for the very latest technology which will make operations and procedures even safer and quicker.

Cath Lab 2 in Harefield has been a workhorse – it has treated, literally, hundreds of thousands of patients during its 15-year existence, but the time has come to give Cath Lab 2 a new life. So far so good with the budget… except the very latest scanner is just beyond the reach of the budget.

Technology improves at a fearsome rate – as we all know from our phones, tablets, fit bits and more. And nowhere is this more obvious than with medical equipment. And nowhere is the desire to be the very best more than at Harefield hospital.

So, Harefield Hospital turns to the Charity. And what do we do? We turn to you – our supporters, fundraisers and friends and ask you to help us. The sums required look scary – we need £500,000. We are lucky enough to get some large donations from generous Charitable Trusts, and we have also received a wonderful legacy, but the rest is made up of donations of every shape and size – every £10 really does help.

There’s lots of detail and information about just why this scanner is so special. If you are a patient, or a family member of a patient, or a friend this is a great way to say thank you to the NHS staff at Harefield Hospital with a donation. Please support our appeal. We are hoping the new scanner will be in place by the end of the year. With your help, we will achieve that. For more detail and how to give, please visit our Lifeline Lab appeal page.