In 2015, a little boy called Elliot sadly died of Mitochondrial Disease. In his memory, his parents set up Elliot’s Touch and tasked themselves with raising funds to support research into the complex condition. Paul and Donna Stevens came to present a cheque to the hospital last week and to find out more about how the results from their fundraising were being used. 

What emerged was one of the most moving days I have ever had as a fundraiser. Over the years, Paul and Donna have raised tens of thousands of pounds for research in memory of their little boy. They have done this through hard work but with huge amounts of love – for the cause, for their fellow fundraisers and for each other, finding a way through their sadness to bring something good out of it. They are, quite simply, two of the most special people I have ever met. They came with some friends, one of whom is going to run (yes run!) the South West Peninsula path to raise money for Elliot’s Touch. This amazing fundraiser set up to help fund a cure and treatment for this condition. 

It was a special day – through it all, Paul and Donna can bring smiles and happiness, coming through the journey following Elliot’s death. They are an amazing inspiration. They met Dr Sanjay Prasad and his team who put their hard-earned fundraising to good use, conducting detailed research into causes and treatments which will mean that we will find answers. Paul and Donna could see exactly where their donations were going and returned home with more plans – a fundraising ball and more. Full of energy and drive – well done Paul, Donna and all your wonderful family and friends who help you along the way.