Like everyone, I have been watching and reading the news about what is happening throughout the UK as cases rise and so do hospital admissions in some areas. It is a worrying time but we can all work as hard as we can to protect ourselves and to protect people around us. 

In our own way, our Charity is doing what it can. Recently we have funded more ECMO equipment in preparation in case the second wave of covid-19 – or even just an outbreak of serious flu, takes hold. The new biplane imaging equipment that will come into our Catheter Laboratory 2 in Royal Brompton will be a state-of-the-art addition to this new facility which will help to treat children, some of whom may have had to wait for their operations because of coronavirus. Harefield is preparing its own transformation, also in a cath lab, and once again the hospitals turned to the Charity to help them with their ambition.

But who makes all these things possible – we work very hard in the Charity but money doesn’t just appear because we work hard? It comes from you, our loyal and generous supporters. Sometimes it comes in big chunks from Charitable Trusts or wealthy donors who want to say thank you to the hospitals for treatment.

Often it comes because you come to our events, or run your own half marathons, or bake cakes to sell. And this all mounts up – thousands of you make a difference with gifts large and small – so thank you.

And now we ask you to help us by joining our online fundraising – where we combine fun with fundraising. And nowhere more so that with Brompton's Bingo Bonanza which will take place online on Thursday November 12th. It’s just £8 to take part but if we have 100 people taking part – that’s a great contribution towards our hospitals. And don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets. So come and join me and lots of other wonderful supporters and have an evening of fun – and a thoroughly non addictive but worthwhile flutter. Hope to see you there.