To celebrate Heart Month, we're thrilled to be joined by Angela Hartley for a discussion on how you can live your fullest, healthiest life as a heart patient. We will be going live on Facebook on February 17, at 7pm. If you have questions for Angela please submit them using the form below. 

About Angela and Healthy Hearties

"I have been a cardiac nurse for over 14 years and I simply love all things about the heart! I'm so passionate about getting people with all sorts of heart conditions moving and living their best life. 
I set up my business, Healthy Hearties, 6 years ago to help people with a heart condition or who've had a health scare to get fitter, healthier and look after their heart for the long term. Although I usually work from my private gym near Hampton Court Palace, Covid-19 has meant I'm now able to reach people from all over the world. Who knows whether people want to go back to face to face gyms when they have the convenience of exercising in their living rooms!
I'm an Aussie living in London who misses the beach but I do love the snow! I trained in Australia but my first nursing job in the UK was at the Royal Brompton and I loved the team there. The training and patient care was outstanding and I do miss being part of such an inspiring team. I feel lucky that I've been able to be part of so many patient journeys and have learnt so much from talking to heart patients over the years. I enjoyed working in pre-assessment and helping people through the fears and uncertainty of what to expect, but I also loved working in ICU and being the first person you see when you wake up. 
I'm privileged to know about the journey you've been through when you've had a major heart problem or surgery from start to finish as best as I can. Having also worked on the wards and discharging patients home I know how frustrating, painful and slow the recovery process can be and how lost you can feel when you go home. Having worked in Cardiac Rehab for many years now I have seen so many come out the other side a new person and get their zest for life back!
My Healthy Hearties programs cater for all sorts of people and all types of heart conditions - from low impact exercises that are knee-friendly to getting runners back out again after major heart surgery. I've worked with a huge range of 'Hearties' and am always blown away by people's determination to keep active. 
I'm very excited to be going Live on Facebook with the Royal Brompton and Harefield charity to talk about how to keep your heart fit and healthy and look forward to answering your questions!"