Bob and I are passionate about cycling as much as each other, which is why in September this year we are going to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats (a staggering 874 miles) by eBike and truthfully I am bricking it.

It is no small challenge given our ages. I am 69 and Bob is 73.

The first reaction we get when we tell anyone what we are planning is 'You are mad!' … and at this moment in time I am inclined to agree.

However, I’m using the anxiety as fuel to drive us forward to what we’re really fighting for.

Bob’s son Nick, is currently in Harefield Hospital awaiting a heart transplant. He has been in hospital for nearly six months so far, and may have to wait much longer due to the shortage of hearts available for transplants. He has a wife and two young children at home who live many miles away from the hospital, so his emotional journey is so much more difficult than our own.

Despite always being fit, Nick has had severe heart problems since he was 16. He was diagnosed with a debilitating heart disease known as ARVC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy).  It is a disease which strikes young athletes, usually in their teens and was originally known as the Sudden Death Syndrome.

Nick is 42 years old and has had seven lots of heart surgery and his heart is now in end stage heart failure so he critically in need of help now more than ever.

He is one remarkable man, whose courage and positivity shines through everything he does.

The challenge we’re about to embark on is to support Nick, raise awareness for people to sign up for organ donation and to raise money for The Harefield Transplant Appeal.

They are raising money to purchase four new organ care systems. These machines will enable donor hearts to stay viable for up to four times longer, replacing the old system of transplanting hearts in ice boxes. Whilst also ensuring more hearts can be transplanted. To donate, please go to:

- Annette & Bob