Three years ago I was diagnosed with a collapsed lung and a 7 cm tumour. I had six months of chemotherapy, a bronchoscope, which resulted in an emergency admission with septicaemia - in fact, they told my wife "he might not make it through the night."

Two MRI scans, 52 blood tests, three CT scans, three blood transfusions, two more emergency admissions later, days in bed, feeling persistently sick, dragging myself to work, then being told I can't have radiotherapy only palliative care, all at a previous hospital, I called a long time client who is a doctor.

He advised me to get a transfer and second opinion at the Royal Marsden Hospital. I got a transfer and met Dr Fiona McDonald. I was  fully checked, underwent a lung needle biopsy and three more bronchoscopies by Dr Pallav Shah, who made me feel better, but sadly only temporary.

Dr McDonald wanted me to meet Dr Simon Jordan who is a thoracic surgeon at Royal Brompton. We met, discussed and decided to remove the whole left lung with a possible chest scrape and nodule test.

I was very ill before Christmas and stayed at the Royal Marsden just before my major operation at Royal Brompton on 11th January. After a short stay in hospital and one week at home, I went back to work. They saved my life and I will never forget and be eternally grateful

After my operation I was called in for my three month check at the Royal Marsden who stated that my last blood test showed traces of cancer in my prostate. Fortunetly the cancer is minuscule and very low risk. I am taking a tablet for this now - it requires NO surgery or investigation. 

I cannot give enough praise for Simon Jordan, his team also with Dr Maria Elana Culfari. My treatment was superb, minimal pain, the nurses were so attentive and absolutely amazing. A call from Simon confirmed they got all the cancer in the six hour operation.

Three years later, I am still cancer free and feel great. May God bless all the amazing nurses, doctors and surgeons at the Royal Brompton and Royal Marsden Hospitals. I am sincerely grateful.