I’ve been working at Royal Brompton for 21 years. I came here as a student – I loved the work that was being done here and the atmosphere. My background was in Rose Ward (Royal Brompton’s Paediatric Ward) but when I came to work on PICU, I loved the scientific nature of looking after the babies and working one-on-one with them and their families. So, I’ve been here ever since and am now Matron for PICU and Rose Ward.

There's a Giraffe Incubator here on PICU - which we’re very lucky to have. It's used to support the growth and stability of some of the most fragile babies we care for, like premature babies who need an intervention for their patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), some of who are those who are under 1.5 KG. 

We’re the only centre in the UK who can treat babies with a PDA by catheterisation – using a small, thin tube with the support of the incubator. Unfortunately, right now we only have one incubator, meaning we can only care for one of these premature babies at a time. When we lose referrals, babies are referred elsewhere for surgery.

But when the parents of the premature babies in our care realise they don't have to have surgery, they're not just delighted but relieved. During an already difficult period early on in their baby’s life, neither they or their baby have to go through the stress of surgery, which is more invasive and takes longer to recover from.

We lose referrals for numerous reasons, but one of the reasons and something that can be avoided is the fact that we only have one incubator - used pre- and post-procedure.

With another incubator, we can treat two babies at a time and make a difference to more families.

If you would like to support our appeal to fund a second incubator for Royal Brompton's PICU, please click here to find out more information.