I suffered a heart attack whilst in the South of France, which I thought was sunstroke, as my left arm was aching as I struggled to trim a French hedge. Determined to win, I carried on regardless.

I was well enough to fly home despite feeling under the weather and on my return I had a medical and diagnosed with hereditary heart disease.

It took several months of consultations and angiograms after it was declared that I had severe hereditary heart disease requiring a triple bypass operation which put me into shock.

But thanks to the reassuring staff at Harefield, I was convinced that the triple bypass procedure was a stroll in the park compared to my previous knee replacement! I waited for nearly six months to get admitted. Of course, during this time, the wonderful Harefield staff were magnificent and I suffered minimum discomfort and can say the treatment I received was the best in the world.

I was discharged after six nights and embarked on six weeks of physiotherapy at Wycombe Hospital.

I am now able to play nine holes of golf at our extremely hilly course and walk three to four miles without suffering breathlessness as I have done in the past. I will continue to support Harefield in any small way I can.