On Saturday 24 March, I left my house in Bournemouth on a mission to deliver the money my daughter and I raised for Harefield Hospital. We planned a big charity truck drive, where we would leave our house in Dorset in a convoy of vehicles, and drive a truck to Harefield so that Kezzia could present the cheque to the wonderful staff who helped look after her dad.

Ever since Darryl died 5 years ago, I promised Kezzia that I would get my truck licence, raise money for Harefield and drive her down in a truck to present the cheque. We smashed our target of £500 and raised over £1000 for the hospital. It was a dream come true on Saturday and felt amazing to do!

Our journey was also filmed as part of a documentary that will be finished soon. Kezzia had a brilliant day and has written a little bit about our day which you can read below:

I am Kezzia and I am 9 years old. On Saturday 24 March me and my mummy did a charity truck drive from Bournemouth to Harefield hospital in memory of my daddy who was looked after by the doctors at the hospital.

In the morning me and mummy were picked up by two very big trucks, we drove off from my road with a fire truck and some bikers following us as well as a police car. We drove for hours, it took so long!

We wanted to give the staff at the hospital the money we had raised as me and mummy have spent lots of time fundraising and raised more money than we thought we would, I wanted to hand over one of those big cheques to the doctors that helped my daddy when he had a poorly heart.

My daddy is in heaven now, but I know he would be proud of what we have done. We gave the hospital over £1000, which is more money than I have ever seen. It was such a happy day and I hope that the money will help other fix other people’s poorly hearts.

- Kate & Kezzia