This is part two of Kevin's three-part blog. To read part one, click here.

Days three and four

We were woken at 7 am by porters with ginger tea... This very real now!

Camp basic, and, following breakfast, Raha briefs us on the day ahead, although one of our group struggling with sickness and unable to eat properly.

We enjoy glorious views as we set off at 8.30am, although Kilimanjaro itself looks a lifetime away to me...unconquerable!

Today, the rainforest zone, a verdant mix of lush vegetation coupled with vibrant, unidentifiable birdsong. The groups’ strength grows as we progress along paths of massed tree roots and loose boulders, the days’ highlight reached when we spot several black and white colobus monkeys in trees overhead. Porters pass us continually carrying unfathomable amounts of equipment, some even balanced on the head as they pass. They are humbling, clothes clearly donated by tourists, and amongst their ranks, I spot Plymouth and Brighton supporters.

By late afternoon we arrive at camp and are told to rest up in advance of a challenging day ahead, not easy as rain begins to fall heavily on the tent for rest of night.

After a cold, listless night I spill more than I drink of my morning's ginger tea as my hand shakes uncontrollably.

The sun eventually rises, and, whilst the previous days’ rain has thankfully relented we begin to feel the effects of increasing altitude, mainly shortening breath.

Today, the heather and moorland zone, and a hard days trekking, much of it spent clambering over rock faces. The group is quieter today as everyone summons their own inner strength to overcome a demanding day. Raha plays a significant role with his constant diet of Olly Murs and Bob Marley songs on his radio (I must now know Bob Marley’s entire back catalogue). The first day's chants also continue to provide motivation for all when most needed.

A long, hard day, and thankfully, whilst a few slips along the way, nobody seriously hurt.