12 years ago, Lawrence Wiffin had surgery at Royal Brompton Hospital after a hole was discovered in his heart when he was just 24-years-old. “As a lad I always loved my sports but was never the fittest. I’ve since learnt my heart was actually working overtime and chances are, if this defect wasn’t discovered I probably wouldn’t be here now,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence underwent open heart surgery and thanks to the amazing doctors and staff at Royal Brompton Hospital he walked out the hospital less than a week later with a mended heart.

“I am forever grateful to the wonderful staff at the Brompton and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have gone on to have three healthy wonderful sons,” Lawrence said.

In 2020, Lawrence decided to undertake a fundraising challenge to mark 10 years since his second chance at life. “To mark my anniversary and incorporating my love of running, I’ve set myself a challenge to raise money for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity," Lawrence said. He ran 10 kms, every day for 10 days and raised an incredible £2,035.

So many patients have a lifelong connection to our hospitals due to the excellent care that our staff give all our patients. Lawrence is no different and has a continued commitment to giving back. This year he is challenging himself again to run the London Marathon in October.

Now at the age of 36, I live a healthy symptom free life thanks to their amazing work. I love running and obviously keeping fit has become a necessity, however I've never run a marathon before and look forward to this as my biggest challenge to raise some important funds for this superb charity!

Inspired to support Lawrence on his biggest challenge yet? You can donate to his fundraising page.

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