Team FSI decided to continue the company's ‘Dare to be Great’ motto by signing up to complete the Three Peaks Challenge.

The challenge involved climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales over 48 hours. 

Day One consisted of a party bus ride to Wales from the FSI UK Head Office in Upminster. Spirits were high as we didn’t yet know what was to come…

Following a night of broken and nervous sleep, we arrived at the foot of Snowdon early on the Thursday morning, and met up with our experienced tour guides for the safety briefing. Then, we were off! The ascent and descent came up to a total of 1,085 metres, and was completed in around the four-hour mark which is a fantastic achievement considering the trickiness of the route and the terrain underfoot.

After a celebratory ice-cream and reapplying of plasters and deep heat, we boarded the party buses for the drive up to the Lake District. Upon arrival, we were again met by our tour guides for the safety briefing, before hightailing it up Scafell Pike for the 978 metre ascent and descent, again in a four-hour time which is no mean feat on that tricky terrain.

Having poured ourselves into the party buses, we drove to our hotel for the night. The calorie count for the meal that night was off the scale, and the prolonged showers and baths taken could have ensued a local water shortage! Friday morning involved a lengthy drive to the ‘beast’ that is Ben Nevis, a 1,345 metre ascent and descent that just seemed to go on and on, and on and on…

But we did it, and in times ranging from six hours upwards: fantastic! One month on and the team is still recalling the good and the bad of the challenge. Some toenails have been lost, some walking shoes have been thrown on the barbecue, but one thing is for sure is that the team will never forget this experience.

With almost £10,000 raised for Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity, the team can truly give themselves a pat on the back for this fantastic achievement. And a special pat on the back goes to Gavin and Roy, who not only drove every one of those 462 miles, but also took part in the challenge itself.