While on his honeymoon in 2012, our son Andrew (pictured middle), then a fit young man of 33, caught a virus which attacked his heart, causing six cardiac arrests. After six weeks at a hospital in Bangkok, he was finally well enough to be flown home. He was admitted to Harefield immediately, where staff told him he needed a heart transplant. Ten months and a left-ventricular assist pump later, Andrew had his transplant operation. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, is now back to work, and is father to two beautiful children.

Without the skill and dedication of the team at Harefield, and the amazing courage and generosity of the donor’s family, Andrew might not have survived.

As a family we decided that we had to do something to recognise the vital work of Harefield Hospital. Andrew’s wife Lauren wrote a book, Strength in Strangers, which tells of the journey from fit young triathlete to heart transplant. It is a compelling read and has sold over 30,000 copies on Amazon, the proceeds of which going directly to Harefield. We’re still waiting for the film deal!

Fraser, Andrew’s Dad, plays in a blues band, where the proceeds of two CDs have gone to directly to Harefield Hospital (listen below). Copies are still available to buy through the Charity office. Fraser has also been captain of his local golf club in Retford Notts, where Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity was the chosen Charity. In a year of activities, £3,000 was raised and presented to surgeon Fabio di Robertis on behalf of the Charity. 

Myself and the rest of the Britton family will continue to support Harefield in any way they can. The care, skill and dedication of the team at Harefield is unparalleled. We are so grateful to them, and to the donor’s family for their courage and generosity, our family continues to thrive as it does because of you all.

Waiting for a Heart