Vanessa was one of the first people in the UK to be treated for Covid-19 with ECMO. In the early stages of the pandemic, she contracted Covid-19 and was severely ill. At one point her family were told that she would not survive the night.

Due to the hard work and expert care of the staff at Royal Brompton Hospital, Vanessa survived to tell her tale. You can watch Vanessa’s story in the video below.

For many Covid-19 patients like Vanessa, overcoming the virus is only part of the process of recovering from Covid-19. Being critically ill can put immense pressure on patients or their family’s mental health.

This is why we are fundraising for a new initiative called Road to Recovery: Post Covid Mental Health Programme, which will assist these patients with their psychological recovery from Covid-19.

Road to Recovery will provide specialist one-to-one counselling and support groups for patients and their families. These will be online to be accessible to a wide range of patients who desperately need our help dealing with the mental health effects of Covid-19.

Patients like Vanessa urgently need our help on their journey to recovery, which is why it’s vitally important we raise the funds for Road to Recovery.